Christmas Dinner 1998 - Dog and Duck Pub
Our Annual Christmas Dinner for 1998 found us in the downstairs dining room at the Dog and Duck Pub. We had been there two years previously and found it to be an atmospheric choice and very conducive to dining. In 1998, we booked again and discovered, to our chagrin, that the area was being renovated at the time and so resulted in a goodly number of members dining from the top of a covered billiards table. For a number of members, this meant that they were close to eye level with their supper! All things considered we did manage a lovely evening of it and enjoyed the darts, pool tables and the on-tap assortment of British beer. Another pint of Tartan please...
Front Four -  Brenda, John, Hilary and Tony.
Matt inspecting his bun, to Cynthia's amusement.
Irene and Cynthia Patrick and Bob deep in discussion.
John showing them how it's done!
John, Julie, Mike, Bob and Brenda.
Matt besting Charles at  Darts? Julie sinking a shot. While Kris surprises Matt.
Julie, Hilary, Tony, Cynthia, Matt and Mike.
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