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Curious Incidents. 

What it's all about:

Our goal with
Curious Incidents is to provide new and well-written pastiche fiction featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. We are looking for authors, new and established, willing to share their insights into the fertile world of Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming third volume of Curious Incidents: Being a Collection of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. For information on ordering Volume 1 or 2, click here. Curious Incidents is published as a perfect-bound paperback (80-160 pages) by Mad For A Mystery Publications in Calgary, AB, Canada and is made available directly, and through specialty bookstores, to interested Sherlockians worldwide.

Curious Incidents submission stories should have a direct relation to the world of Sherlock Holmes. We prefer stories under 10,000 words but are willing to overlook any restrictions for a story if it is justifiably brilliant enough. Story submissions should not have been published elsewhere (including online sites) prior to submission to Curious Incidents.

Note: For the Curious Incidents series, we are not interested in slash fiction, supernatural fiction or stories featuring a parade of historical figures, preferring stories matching the tone and style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's (or, if you prefer, Watson's) original Sherlock Holmes stories. We are also not interested in serial stories, excerpts or reprints. We cannot accept any stories featuring currently copyrighted characters i.e. Laurie R. King's Mary Russell.

Every effort will be made to reply to submissions in a timely manner but, inevitably, reply time will vary based on the number of submissions received.

How to submit your story:

Electronic submissions are preferred. Stories should be sent as attached files in any of the following formats:

- Word Document (.doc)
- Rich Text File (.rtf)
- Plain Text File (.txt)

If we have difficulties with the format submitted, we may ask you to re-send your story in an alternate format or pasted into the body of an email. Please be sure to include your name, contact information and mailing address in your story file, as well as in your e-mail message.

Manual submissions can also be accepted via conventional mail. Manual submissions should be double-spaced on single sided paper. Unless return postage is provided, all manuscripts will be considered disposable.

Mailing address for manual submissions:

Mad For A Mystery
108 Sanderling Close N.W.,
Calgary, AB
T3K 2Z7

Editors are looking forward to working with authors, but reply time will vary based on the number of submissions received. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Payment and Rights:

While we cannot offer cash payment at this time, each contributor selected for inclusion will receive two copies of the book (roughly $20-$25 USD value including postage) upon publication. Contributors may also purchase additional copies at a significantly reduced rate.
Mad For a Mystery reserves the right to one-time-only publication, after which, the story rights revert to the respective authors.

Note: Materials accepted for publication by Mad For A Mystery Publications may not be published elsewhere, in any form, for a 12-month period following publication.

Other Publications: Although, to date we, have only published the Curious Incidents pastiche series, we are interested in looking at other types of Sherlock Holmes related potential publication material. This includes free-standing pastiche novellas, critical monographs, film and television criticism/surveys, etc...each would be individually weighed on its own merits for publication suitability and viability. Payment and rights are to be handled on an individual basis if suitable for publication.

Actively Wanted: At present we are considering a companion series to Curious Incidents, same book format, story lengths, etc... but one that focuses on very non-traditional short stories. Specifically, we are interested in story submissions featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson directly involved with supernatural, ghostly, haunting, horror or occult-type situations. As with Curious Incidents, we cannot accept stories featuring currently copyrighted characters, so please, consider that point before constructing your multi-genre cross-over epic. Although tentative only and with no concrete timeline in place, we are aiming for early 2005 publication if enough quality submisssions are received. Payment and rights would be precisely the same as those indicated for Curious Incidents above. Please keep in mind that this is a tentative publication only and actual publication will depend on quantity and quality of submissions received.

Submissions for Curious Incidents currently closed.
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Any questions or further submissions, may also be sent via the following address:
To Baker Street Dozen