A Day at the Races - Silver Blaze Race - April 4, 1990
(L to R) Paul, Evelyn, Patrick, Tom, John, Hilary, Marva, Lin, Unknown, Brenda, Unknown, Ron, Charles, Andrea, Matt, John and John
On the evening of Wednesday April 4, 1990, The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen sponsored the first ever Silver Blaze Race held in Calgary. Held at  Stampede Park, home of the world famous Calgary Stampede. A cooler was presented to the winning team of Tenormin and jockey Peter McAleney. Second and third place were held by Stoney Gulch and Dusty's Fool respectively. A great evening was had by all, particularly those that came out ahead in the betting.
Cooler presentation by - Patrick, Marva, Tom, Lin and Ron
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