"...upon his chest was fixed a torn piece of paper with the words 'The sign of the four ' scrawled across it ..."
Copyright©Muse Entertainment Enterprises 2001
Hallmark Entertainment
A Muse Entertainment Production Of
A Rodney Gibbons Film

Sherlock Holmes - Matt Frewer
Dr. Watson - Kenneth Welsh
Miss Mary Morstan - Sophie Lorain
Thaddeus & Bartholomew Sholto
- Marcel Jeannin
Inspector Jones - Michel Perron
John Small - Edward Yankie
Williams - Kevin Woodhouse
Sikh #1 - Cas Anvar
Sikh #2 - Samir Mallah
Sikh #3 - Ganesha Rasiah
Major Sholto - Johni Keyworth
Mrs. Hudson - Kathleen Mcauliffe
Tonga - Fernando Chien
Mrs. Bernstone - Una Kay
Achmet - Chimwemwe Miller
Wiggins - Daniel Brochu
Sherman - Dennis St. John
Mrs. Smith - Emma Stevens
Professor Morgan - Noel Burton
Khitmutgar - Kenneth Fernandez
Captain's Son - Justin Bradley
Policeman #1 - Pascal Richard
Policeman #2 - Denis Franc

Writer: Joe Wiesenfeld
Executive Producers: Steve Hewitt &
Michael Prupas
Producer: Irene Litinsky
Director: Rodney Gibbons
Director of Photography: Eric Cayla
Productions Designer: Jean Baptiste Tard
Costume Designer: Renée April
Casting: Andrea Kenyon
Matt Frewer as Holmes, Sophie Lorain as Mary Morstan, Marcel Jeannin as Thaddeus Sholto and
Kenneth Welsh as Watson
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Copyright©Muse Entertainment Enterprises 2001
Copyright©Muse Entertainment Enterprises 2000
The game is afoot in Canada once more as Matt Frewer  (Filmography) and Kenneth Welsh (Filmography) reprise their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in the Muse Entertainment Enterprises production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic adventure The Sign of Four. As with the previous production in the ongoing series, The Hound of the Baskervilles, SIGN was produced exclusively for the Odyssey Network (now Hallmark Channel) in the US with international distribution being handled by Hallmark Entertainment. Filmed in and around Montreal, the new production wrapped principal photography on Nov 22, 2000. Amongst those returning for this production are writer Joe Wiesenfeld, director Rodney Gibbons and production designer Jean Baptiste Tard. The Sign of Four aired in the US on March 23, 2001. As of this writing, a Canadian airdate has been announced for Fall 2001. Two further films featuring Frewer and Welsh have been announced, Sherlock Holmes in The Royal Scandal and Sherlock Holmes and the White Chapel Vampire.
Copyright©Muse Entertainment Enterprises 2001
Copyright©Muse Entertainment Enterprises 2000
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"The Sign of Four"  Odyssey Network Premiere March 23, 2001 at - 9PM ET/PT.
Expected Canadian airdate in the Fall of 2001.
The next production in this series is "The Royal Scandal"
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