Local Holmes Club Involved with Murder Investigation - Nov. 19, 1998
On the evening of November 19th, 1998 an intrepid group of keen Sherlockian Investigators consisting of the McFetridges, Hilary Argento, Mike Johnston, the Dalbys, the Barrows, Patrick Vokes, Stephen Forrester, Matt McCaffrey, Kris Pedersen and Charles Prepolec, arrived at the Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre in the District 1 Police Office. Once we made our way past the tough security, we entered a bright modern training facility where we were treated to an insiders look at Homicide Investigation procedure.

Brent Refvik, a retired homicide investigator was our guide and instructor for this fascinating interactive experience. To begin with, we were lectured on the different types of violent crime and the associated punishments. This was followed by a number of case studies featuring slides and audio clips. Tom Dalby was able to add his particular insights to some of the cases, due to his professional knowledge of the criminals involved. Although we found humour in the stupidity and ineptness of some killers, the seriousness of their crimes was driven home by viewing the postmortem slides.

We were also given the opportunity to put ourselves in the place of Police Investigators when we were asked to describe our reactions to various incidents and clues in a past crime scenario. None of us solved it. It is very clear that the Police of today have considerably more to deal with than the inept Inspector Lestrade and have a much harsher reality to work in.

Brent Refvik was a very patient guide and fielded all of our most na´ve questions. Our time passed very quickly due to the fascinating material and the expertise of our guide. An interesting sidenote on this event is that we are quite likely the only civilians who have had the privelege of going over this material. Much of what we took part in is used in Police training. I urge anyone who missed out to be sure to come along next time.

Once again, thanks to Matt McCaffrey for arranging the event and Brent Refvik for having us.
Homicide Investigator Brent Refvik
John, Brenda and Patrick
Charles, Kris and Mike
Deborah, Irene and Bob
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