Odds and Ends: Artwork of Charles Prepolec
Jane Seymour 2
Not all my work has been specifically drawn with a reason in mind. Occasionally I draw something either for the challenge of doing so or simply because a particular photo has caught my fancy. The drawings on this page are pretty much in the "just for the fun of it" category.

The 1993 drawing of
Jane Seymour to the right was another go at rendering the female form. The hair was a nightmare, but the silk cloth was fun. Go figure! I think that while working on this piece, I found that I could remove ink from the page by scraping it away with the back edge of an Xacto knife, which is precisely how the highlights in the hair were achieved. Far easier and more effective than trying to ink around white spaces.
Lysette Antony
Lysette Antony (above left) was drawn because I liked the stark contrast of the original black and white photo. Once again the backside of the Xacto was brought in to deal with the hair. I still quite like the eyes on this drawing. Incidentally, every drawing I have ever done begins with the eyes.
The Avengers: Steed and Mrs. Peel
Jane Seymour
An earlier attempt at Jane Seymour.
Above left is my drawing of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg as John Steed and Mrs. Peel. I have been a fan of The Avengers since I was a small child, and that is what motivated this drawing. It was later used for the front cover of the first issue of The Vortex, a fanzine dedicated to British television shows. This image was harder than it looks as I had to convey the essence of Mrs. Peel using just her eyes. Unfortunately, in reducing the image for presentation here you can't really get the desired effect.

Below are two wildly different renderings of actor
Christopher Lee. The Dracula pic began as a throwaway doodle on scrap paper, something I generally never do, prefering to work on Linetek 3000, a high contrast Bainbridge illustration board. As the picture progressed I became quite pleased with it and regret to this day that it happens to be on a torn piece of wobbly card stock. A better example of why I don't doodle on scrap paper I can't imagine!

Christopher Lee as "himself" was another oddity and something of an experiment. I laid down the pencils for the sketch but was intensely unhappy with the result. I couldn't see that it could be salvaged in the inking stage. Instead of pitching the piece and starting over, I scanned the drawing into Adobe Photo Deluxe and tried to correct the problems there. The end result is the image here. It has no inks on it, and the shading was achieved using a "smudge" tool in the program. In the end I was relatively happy with the result, but it still looks bizarre to me!
Christopher Lee as Dracula
Christopher Lee
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