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February 8, 2003: First off, both LOEG teaser trailers can now be found online. For the first trailer in Windows Media Format click here, for the more polished second trailer, in Quicktime, click here. Quite frankly, even though the tone of the comic is sorely missing, the trailers still look like the film will be good fun!

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The League of Extraordinary Gentleman film is currently set for a July 11, 2003 release, it appears that filming is yet to be completed. The Calgary Sun reported on February 6 that LOEG may be shooting a few final scenes in the Calgary area in late February, which may include the character of Campion Bond. Curiously, the role of Campion Bond, once rumored to be played by Jason Isaacs, still remains to be cast at this late date.

November 2, 2002:
Although previously reported that Jason Isaacs had joined the cast of LOEG (or LXG as its being touted in Hollywood these days - see logo from Promos Magazine below left) as Campion Bond, this has recently been denied by the actor himself in an interview with Latino Review also noted at Sci Fi Wire. Further rumours seem to indicate that the role of Campion Bond has either been reduced to a cameo or has been eliminated altogether. A recent report from IGN Filmforce indicates that LOEG's release date has been pushed back from June 6, 2003 to July 11, 2003 due to setbacks caused by the flooding in Prague. Shooting in Prague continues through to December 5. AMC Access was to have screened a bit of behind the scenes coverage on LOEG on their November 1 broadcast, but pulled the segment as the set visit was not approved by 20th Century-Fox. Screen captures from the trailer for the program had been posted at Comics Continuum, but were swiftly removed at the request of the studio. A selection of unofficial photos from the LOEG (Sorry, I just can't bring myself to use the dodgy LXG acronym - CP ) that have trickled into the press can be found here.

September 15, 2002: Jess Nevins, author of the extremely useful LOEG Annotations website (Click here for the start of the first series and here for the start of the second series - the sites are must reading for those interested in the literary antecedents of LOEG - I can't recommend Jess's incredibly thorough research highly enough. Brilliant stuff!  - CP), has reported that his annotations, along with a wealth of related information, will be released in book form in 2003. The book - Heroes and Monsters: The Unofficial Companion to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (working title) - will likely be solicited in the February issue of Previews with a release tentatively scheduled for May.
Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain
Sean Connery
"Allan Quatermain"
Peta Wilson as Mina
Peta Wilson
"Mina Harker"
Naseeruddin Shah
Jason Flemyng
Stuart Townsend as Dorian
Shane West as Tom Sawyer
Tony Curran
Naseeruddin Shah
"Captain Nemo"
Jason Flemyng
"Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde"
Stuart Townsend
"Dorian Gray"
Shane West
"Tom Sawyer"
Tony Curran
"Invisible Man"
Richard Roxburgh
Richard Roxburgh
"The Fantom"
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Release Date: July 11, 2003
A 20th Century Fox Film


Sean Connery - Allan Quatermain
Stuart Townsend - Dorian Gray
Peta Wilson - Mina Harker
Shane West - Tom Sawyer
Tony Curran - Rodney Skinner
Jason Flemyng -  Jekyll/Hyde
Tom Goodman-Hill - Sanderson Reed
Richard Roxburgh - Fantom
Naseeruddin Shah - Captain Nemo
Max Ryan - Dante Inferno

Director: Stephen Norrington   
Alex Ayres - Screenplay
James Robinson - Screenplay
Alan Moore - Original Concept
Don Murphy - Producer
Jane Hamsher - Co-producer
Trevor Albert - Executive Producer 
Mark Gordon - Executive Producer 
Original Music: Mark Isham   
Cinematography: Dan Laustsen   
Film Editor: Paul Rubell   
Casting: Lucinda Syson   
Production Design: Carol Spier
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Copyright  20th Century Fox 2003
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News Updates:
Set in Victorian England, the story centers around a team of extraordinary figures enlisted by a mysterious caller to stop a villain intent on turning the nations of the world against one another. The coterie of heroes are led by Allan Quartermain (Sean Connery) and comprise some of the greatest figures from adventure literature: Captain Nemo (Naseeruddin Shah), Dracula vampiress Mina Harker (Peta Wilson), invisible man Rodney Skinner, (Tony Curran), American secret service agent Sawyer (Shane West), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend), and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (Jason Flemyng). Richard Roxburgh ("Moulin Rouge") plays the League's enigmatic recruiter, M.
Synopsis copyright 2002 20th Century Fox
July 8, 2002:  IGN Filmforce reports that actor Jason Isaacs (whom I've long thought would make an interesting Sherlock Holmes - CP) has now been cast as Campion Bond. Isaacs will also appear in the next 2 Harry Potter films as Lucius Malfoy. Variety indicates that filming for LOEG commenced on July 3 in Prague.

June 27, 2002:
Peta Wilson (of television's La Femme Nikita) has now joined the cast of LOEG in the role of Mina Harker. If the latest report from IGN Filmforce is correct, it would appear that the cast list for LOEG has now pretty much come together, with the notable exception of the character of Campion Bond (Robbie Coltrane would be perfect - CP). Not shown here, but also said to be in the cast are David Hemmings as Quatermain's drinking buddy Nigel, Tom Goodman Hill as Sanderson Reed and Max Ryan as The Fantom's henchman Dante. While the character of the Invisible Man is present, his name has been changed from Hawley Griffin to Rodney Skinner due to certain rights issues. It is unclear (to me at any rate - CP) whether The Fantom (played by Richard Roxburgh - who also plays Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming BBC remake of The Hound of the Baskervilles) character is a replacement for Fu Manchu or Moriarty at this stage.

April 18, 2002:
According to an article at IGN Filmforce, it appears that actress Saffron Burrows is currently the lead contender for the role of Mina Harker, although nothing has been confirmed at this time. The article also indicates that Robbie Coltrane may be cast in an unspecified role and that David Thewlis is  no longer being considered for the role of Dr. Jekyll.

February 21, 2002:
It appears that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is  headed towards a big screen incarnation via 20th Century-Fox. Current reports indicate that Stephen Norrington (Blade) is attached to direct the film based on a script by James Robinson (Starman). Don Murphy (From Hell) is producing.  Variety reported on February 20, 2002 that although Sean Connery has not yet signed the deal, he is in final negotiation for the key role of Allan Quatermain. Apparently, the storyline has been altered to include Dorian Gray and Tom Sawyer (the latter to generate more appeal in the American market). The $80 million project is said to begin shooting in the Czech Republic and Morocco in summer 2002.
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