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Sherlock Holmes: Premiere Trading Card Collection & 9 Card Preview Set
The world of Sherlock Holmes collecting is far-ranging in scope and variety, so it should come as no surprise that the Master Detective has finally become the subject of his own series of collectable trading cards. No longer the sole domain of sports fans, collector trading cards have come a long way from the wax-packed gum-cards of our youth. These days, collector cards are high quality art or photgraphic minatures covering subjects as varied as serial killers to the latest pop culture icons and film stars.

While Sherlock Holmes is no stranger to the field of cigarette cards, the forerunner to modern trading cards, he has never before been the subject of an exclusively dedicated set of modern collector cards. Hammer's
The Hound of the Baskervilles was covered by nine cards as part of the Hammer Horror Series set a couple years ago, but that is the only instance of Holmes in collector card format that I am currently aware of. This gap in the marketplace has now finally been filled by CMA.
Reverse of B5 - ACD  Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
B8 - Image Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
B9 - Image Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
B2 - Image Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
B7 - Image Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
P1 Promo -  Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
B1 - Image Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
Hammer Horror Series 2 - Image Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
The preview set (a sampling of which are illustrated above) published in 2001 is made up of nine cards plus 2 promotional cards. Each card features a scene related to some version of The Hound of the Baskervilles. A breakdown is presented below:

B1 - Hammer's Sir Hugo with "Chief" from 1939 Hound inset.
B2 - Cushing and Morell from 1959 Hammer Hound.
B3 - Morell and Lee from 1959 Hammer Hound.
B4 - Sir Henry Attacked from 1939 Hound.
B5 - Cover of first English Edition of The Hound.
B6 - Rathbone and Bruce standing over body in 1939 Hound.
B7 - Tom Baker and Terence Rigby in 1982 BBC TV Hound.
B8 - Paget illustration from Hound.
B9 - Jeremy Brett and Christopher Tabori from Granada Hound.

The reverse of each card features information on the front illustration as well as on various other incarnations, generally overlaid on another image. By viewing the backs as arranged on a card-holder sheet, one can also see composite images of a
Stoll Hound poster and a tribute to the Granada Hound. One card also features a photo of Arthur Conan Doyle on the back.
P2 Promo Card - Copyright  2001 RiverWye Productions
For more information, or to order this series in North America,
visit the
RR Marketing Site by clicking here
Preview and Full 72 Card Premiere Collection Now Available in USA from RR Marketing
SHBM - Foil Blocked Bookmark Card  2002 RiverWye Productions
 Frank Wiles Strand Cover - Card  2002 RiverWye Productions
The full Sherlock Holmes Premiere Collection consists of 72 cards as well as a sub-set of 6 Foil Blocked Disguise Cards, a Foil Blocked Book Mark Card (shown at left) and a Foil Blocked Mystery Card. Both the bookmark and mystery card are limited to 1000 of each. Also available is a special binder/album to house the collection. In an unusual move the series is not numbered, but the first 60 cards are arranged in chronological order of story/illustration publication with the accepted story abbreviation on the front of each with a Holmes quote that is completed every nine cards (which happens to be the number of cards on a single binder page). Cards 61-63 feature Collier's Covers, cards 64-69 feature various book covers, card 70 features a photo of Sydney Paget (pictured above) with a small photo of Walter Paget on the reverse, card 71 carries a short list of  acknowledgments and card 72 is a checklist. The backs of the cards feature minor snippets of information as well as fragments of illustrations that when arranged in 9 card blocks form a larger complete whole.

As with the
Preview Set, each 2.5 x 3.5 inch card is nicely printed on heavy stock with UV coating. The bookmark card measures 2.5 x 7 inches and is enhanced with lovely gold foil (although the reflective nature of the foil makes it impossible to see in the scan at left).
Resident Patient Film Tie-in Cover - Card  2001 RiverWye Productions
Leslie Ward Gillette Illus. for Vanity Fair - Card  2002 RiverWye Productions
Howard Elcock Illus. from Casebook - Card  2002 RiverWye Productions
Sydney Paget photo - Card  2002 RiverWye Productions
Coloured Paget Illustration for NAVA - Card  2002 RiverWye Productions
Foil Blocked
Bookmark Card
Limited to 1,000
Bottom Line: A handsome set of collector cards that should please any Sherlockian collector!