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A Case of Evil: A New Sherlock Holmes Film for Television
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
A Case of Evil
North American Premiere
October 25, 2002 on the
USA Network.

Production notes at
Castel Film Studios indicate that British actor Roger Morlidge is in fact playing Watson, with D'Onofrio on-hand as the villainous Professor Moriarty!

The telefilm, directed by Graham Theakston and produced by
Box Tv/ Castel Film/ Pueblo AG, was shot entirely in Romania – in Bucharest and at the Castel Film Studios in Snagov. Set recreations include the Baker Street rooms, the Big Ben clocktower and various other settings.

Principal photography on
A Case of Evil (working title) started on the fifth of November, 2001 and ended on the 16th of December. The telefilm was given an advance screening in the UK in August of 2002 under the simplified name of Sherlock. Visit the Scarlet Street Forums for discussion. A Case of Evil airs October 25, 2002 on the USA Network in North America.
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Vincent D'Onofrio:
As Professor  Moriarty
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Richard E. Grant:
As a slender Mycroft
James D'Arcy:
As a truly youthful Holmes
James D'Arcy
Vincent D'Onofrio
James D'Arcy is a relative necomer, whose previous work has primarily been in UK television productions. Highlights include the 1996 Dalziel and Pascoe episode An Advancement of Learning and more recently as the title character in the 2000 television version of Nicholas Nickleby. He also has a starring role alongside Terence Stamp and Udo Kier in the presently unreleased horror thriller Revelation.
Vincent D'Onofrio (43) is a busy film actor with a long list of screen appearances. He has also performed as a regular on the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Notable film credits include The Salton Sea (2002), The Cell (2000) and Men in Black (1997). He made a remarkable, if short, appearance as Orson Welles in Tim Burton's Ed Wood (1994). D'Onofrio's chameleon-like ability to play a wide variety of characters is comparable to Gary Oldman.
Richard E. Grant (45) is a veteran of both UK film and television. He made a notable splash in the cult classic Withnail and I in 1987 and has been working steadily ever since. He can currently be seen in Gosford Park with Maggie Smith. American audiences may know him best for his title role in the A&E series The Scarlet Pimpernel. Ironically, amongst Sherlockian film fans, Grant has often been mentioned as a favorite for the role of Sherlock Holmes.
Richard E. Grant as The Scarlet Pimpernel
Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar:
Damsel in distress
Roger Morlidge:
As Dr. Watson - Inventor
A Box TV/ Castel Film/ Pueblo AG Production

Sherlock Holmes – James D’Arcy
Dr. John H. Watson – Roger Morlidge
Mycroft Holmes – Richard E. Grant
Professor Moriarty – Vincent D’Onofrio
Rebecca – Gabrielle Anwar
Lestrade – Nicholas Gecks
Harrington – Struan Rodger

Director – Graham Theakston
Director of Photography – Lukas Strebel
Producer – Tim Bradley
Production Designer – Chris Roop
Costume designer – Ana Ioneci
Post Production – Abis Studio
Cast and Crew Information
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
Image Copyright © Castel Film 2001
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Roger Morlidge
Richard E. Grant
Gabrielle Anwar
Forget all the cliches you’ve been used to in Sherlock Holmes stories and movies, this is where the legend begins. The famous detective is not the mature hero and flawless detective depicted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but is instead London’s new headline star. A young man in his early twenties, rather arrogant, self- assured, and eager for publicity, he came into the spotlight by killing England’s most wanted man – Professor Moriarty, the man who the police have been after for years with no success. However the young genius detective had allowed himself to be tricked by this shrewd enemy, being overwhelmed with adoration. The no less clever Professor Moriarty fakes his own death, thus having an unbreakable alibi in order to start a new criminal empire – dealing heroin, which he invented. He wants to start selling it all over the world.

Patiently taking one step at a time, the Professor eliminates all the important competition in the opium business, before anyone even knew there was one. Holmes fails to protect the life of the man who employed him to avoid the same fate - Harrington, one of the most important opium traders. With the help of his brother Mycroft, who was subdued with drugs by the evil Professor in his youth, Holmes starts after the “dead” Moriarty, again. With sharp wits and his newfound friend Watson, the doctor-inventor, at his side, he finally tracks down Moriarty to fight him one last time. It all ends in a lethal ballet of swordfighting, set in the Big Ben clock room – that was still under construction at that time. Moriarty falls to his death through one of the clock’s open faces, dropping down into the Thames... with that, Sherlock Holmes’s first case has been successfully solved.
Story Synopsis
(Synopsis as listed at Castel Films)
About the Actors:
Copyright Acorn Media
Vincent D'Onofrio
For further information visit:
Castel Film Studios