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BBC/A&E Television: New "Lost World" Mini-Series
Image copyright  BBC 2001
This new BBC/A&E co-production of Conan Doyle's classic tale The Lost World first aired in the UK on BBC 1 over the 2001 Christmas holidays, and aired on A&E in in the US in two parts on October 6th & 7th, 2002. Reportedly budgeted at 10 million, the  miniseries runs to two episodes of 75 minutes apiece, and features Bob Hoskins in the lead role as the garrulous Professor George Edward Challenger, with James Fox as Prof. Leo Summerlee, Matthew Rhys as Edward Malone, and Tom Ward as Lord John Roxton. Also in the cast are Peter Falk as Theo Kerr and Elaine Cassidy as Agnes Cluny.

Co-produced by Christopher Hall and Tim Haines (
Walking with Dinosaurs) the mini-series is directed Stuart Orme (Ivanhoe), with a script by Tony Mulholland.  Dinosaur effects created by the same company that brought  Walking with Dinosaurs international acclaim. The production was shot on New Zealand's West Coast with locations in the Nile Valley, behind Charleston; the rainforest at Lake Mahinapua, Lake Brunner, and Karamea, with more barren landscapes shot near Denniston and Flock Hill.
Image copyright  BBC 2001
Bob Hoskins as
Prof. G. E. Challenger
Image copyright  BBC 2001
Image copyright  BBC 2001
Image copyright  BBC 2001
Image copyright  BBC 2001
Image copyright  BBC 2001
James Fox as
Prof. Leo Summerlee
Matthew Rhys as
Edward Malone
Peter Falk as
Theo Kerr
Tom Ward as
Lord John Roxton
Elaine Cassidy as
Agnes Cluny
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