April 27, 2003 Meeting: East Meets West
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One of the great joys of participating in the Sherlockian community is meeting folks from other groups and cities. Although opportunities to meet travelling Sherlockians can be a bit thin in Calgary, on April 27th, 2003 we had the pleasure of having Bootmaker Doug Wrigglesworth join us for the evening. Truly a case of East meets West! Our thanks to Doug for his excellent company and the copies of both Canadian Holmes and The Magic Door!
Steve, Irene and Charles in Steve's Library
Steve and man's best friend!
Doug Wrigglesworth
Charles and Linda
Baker Street Dozen
Kris, Doug, Linda and Hilary
Hilary (standing), Linda, Irene M., Brenda, Tom, Patrick(back of head) and Catherine(back of head).
Kris, Doug, Linda and Hilary around a table overloaded with Irene's wonderful munchies.
Charles and Linda.
Steve Forrester, Irene Forrester, and Charles in Steve's excellent library of magic and literature.
Doug Wrigglesworth in Steve's library.
Steve demonstrating how to turn handcuffs into something more palatable! Soon to be followed by a stunning disappearance trick!