As the title implies, we have here another anecdotal type story. An English traveller of the Welsh countryside finds himself in conversation in an inn at Langerod with

"...the weather beaten scarecrow in front of me..."

Basically the veteran regales our narrator with various tales of military life in far flung places. The anecdotes continue as long as drink is provided. The rather short story ends in one of those extremely contrived little twists that annoy the hell out of me.

Doyle uses some rather descriptive language to good effect. A passage about the opinions held by our traveler, of the Welsh people and country, put a wry smile on my face.

"...My opinions of the original Celt, his manners, customs, and above all  his language, were very much too forcible to be expressed in decent society. The ruling passion of my life seemed to have become a deep and all-absorbing hatred towards Jones, Davis, Morris, and every other branch of  the great Cymric tree..."

Too bad about the contrived ending!

Reviewed by Charles Prepolec
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That Veteran (1882)
Originally published in 'All the Year Round' 2 September 1882